Stars as Mirror of the Soul

There are many ways to live your life… but whatever path you choose, consciousness of who you are and why you are here will make things smoother. This is why I love astrology. 


A person’s birth time and location is no coincidence. The patterns we see in the sky at the moment of birth, mirror the soul which is born. We cannot map the invisible soul, yet we can refer to the visible cosmic counterpart: the exact position of planets and stars at our first breath. It is as if the universe stands still at our birth, and gives us a “snapshot” of that glorious moment… the key to our soul is right there. We can guess how our soul “looks like” by looking at this “snapshot”, what we call the “birth chart“. There are many planets and stars and points and angles to be interpreted here… it is a sophisticated language to learn: the language of the soul.

My dream is to help you learn this language effectively, so that through this knowledge, you can “meet” your soul, be friends with it, hug it tightly, kiss it warmly, and heal it if necessary… no matter how deep the pain may be. Let’s start… one step at a time.


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