“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”  Dane Rudhyar (1895 – 1985)

Astrology Classes: Psychological and Evolutionary Astrology

Astrology Classes: Psychological / Evolutionary Astrology

This is a unique, customized astrology class which, as far as I know, is not offered elsewhere:

I use the natal chart of the student as the main “textbook” of the class, and teach the outlined material in reference to this chart. The student may also bring charts of friends or family members (with their permission, of course) to discuss in the class.

Therefore, taking this class is like going to an extended consultation session. The only difference is you will also learn the principles of astrology. It’s a unique opportunity for learning in a personal way, rather than learning many abstract concepts which may or may not apply to your situation.

To receive the course manual, please email me at

If you are an astrology student and have general questions which you think I may be able to answer, please consider booking a “Q&A Session.”

Course Outline

Foundation Course (20 Hours):

Psychological / Evolutionary Archetypes: From Pluto to the Sun

  • Pluto, Neptune, Uranus
  • Chiron, Saturn, Jupiter
  • Mars, Venus, Mercury
  • Sun and Moon

Outer Planets: Collective Forces

  • Pluto: Embryo of the Soul
  • Neptune: Cosmic Womb
  • Uranus: Wounder and Initiator

Inner Planets: Personal Stories

  • Sun / Mars: The Masculine
  • Moon / Venus: The Feminine

Signs & Houses in Psychological / Evolutionary Astrology

  • Signs as Evolving Stages
  • Houses as Psychological Settings
  • Angular Houses (1/7, 4/10)
  • Succedent Houses (2/8, 5/11)
  • Cadent Houses (3/9, 6/12)

Dynamic Aspects Vs. Dormant Aspects

  • Aspects of Action: Opposition, Square, Conjunction
  • Aspects of Meditation: Trine, Sextile
  • Aspects of Catharsis: Opening and Closing Quincunxes

Nodal Journey: From Conditions to Choices

  • South Node: Past Life Echo
  • North Node: Future Trajectory
  • Balancing the Nodal Axis

Intermediate Course (10 Hours):

Drawing the Psychological Contours: Three-Point Method

  • Ascendant/Descendant: Filters and Projections
  • Lunar Axis: Psychological Default
  • Solar Axis: Ideal Self

Delineating the Evolutionary Path: The Nodes and Outer Planets

  • Aspects to Nodes
  • Aspects to Outer Planets
  • Synthesizing the Personal and the Collective

Identifying the Trauma: Uranus and Chiron

  • Uranus, 11th House, Aquarius” Triad
  • Chiron and Existential Queries

Healing the Trauma: Balancing the Polarities

  • Polarity Method
  • Holistic Insight

Tutor Qualifications

  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, Art & Critical Thought

Research Concentration: Astrology and Geometry (EGS, Switzerland)

  • Certificate in Psychological Astrology (CPA, London)