In my consultations, I synthesize Western and Vedic techniques, and I approach the birth chart from both Psychological and Evolutionary perspectives. To get additional “right-brained” insight, I also use Tarot Cards before or during the sessions. My goal is to offer you an experience which is unique, complete, and helpful.

Starry night, an urban version: how stars can guide us in life.

After you decide what type of reading you would like to book, please email me at for me to send you more details. Payment instructions will vary based on your country of residence, so please include information regarding your current location and availability.

Your Psychological Portrait & Evolutionary Path

This is a 75-minute reading, addressing the highlighted aspects of your natal chart from a psychological and evolutionary perspective.  If this is your first time working with me, please book this option.

Parent/Child Dynamics

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading, addressing the psychological and karmic dynamics between you and your child or you and your parent(s).

Love and Friendship

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading, evaluating the psychological issues and karmic ties in a romantic connection or friendship.

Partnership and Marriage

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will fully analyze the evolutionary purpose of the relationship. It will also give you insight into the nature of the possible karmic or psychological bonds between the two of you.

Divorce or Uncoupling

***Two Charts*** This is a 90-minute reading which will help you understand why a relationship ended. Alternatively, this reading can help you learn how to let go of a relationship which no longer serves you.

Vocational or Academic Insight

This is a 60-minute reading which will help you explore your true vocational or academic potentials. This way you can make better choices regarding your professional or academic life.

Q&A Session

This is a 30-minute session, designed to help you get answers to your astrology-related questions. Please book this option only if you have general questions about the technical aspects of reading charts.