Meaning and Multiplicity: Jupiter in the Birth Chart

Jupiter Signs: Painting of Jupiter in red, sitting on the throne.
“Jupiter Enthroned” by Heinrich Füger (1751 – 1818)

In this post, I will explain some of the general meanings of Jupiter in the Natal Chart, followed by posts on Jupiter Signs, Houses, and Aspects. Please note that these are baseline interpretations which will gain additional implications according to other factors present in the chart. Continue reading “Meaning and Multiplicity: Jupiter in the Birth Chart”

Structure of Consciousness: Saturn in the Birth Chart

Saturn: A young girl lying on a rock is looking at the horizon.
“La Fanciulla Sulla Roccia a Sorrento” [“The Girl on the Rock in Sorrento”] by Filippo Palizzi (1871)
Saturn has received quite a number of negative reviews in traditional astrology: above all, it is associated with “karma” (of the “burdensome” type), past life “sins” one has to duly pay for, physical deformities, moral incongruence, and basically all that is associated with “pain” and “grief”. Let’s look at this planet from different angles: Continue reading “Structure of Consciousness: Saturn in the Birth Chart”

Pity and Rupture: Introduction to Chiron in the Birth Chart

Chiron: Breaking and opening in a black-&-white image of "Parting the Red Sea"
“Parting the Red Sea” (Photo Credit:

In Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur (half human, half beast), albeit a very civilized one: his front legs were human-like, in contrast to traditional centaurs whose lower body would be horse-like. However, in transition from Greek to Roman mythology, Chiron lost his human front legs, and developed an equine lower body to become more of an average centaur, as it seems Romans did not have patience for too much ambiguity: they preferred an exact 50 / 50 ratio of man/beast, rather than a centaur which might be just a tad more human, and therefore not quite “balanced”. In this post, I will explore the meaning of Chiron from a Psychological and Evolutionary perspective: Continue reading “Pity and Rupture: Introduction to Chiron in the Birth Chart”