Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart

Retrograde Planets: An Indian lady standing in the water, adjusting her yellow dress over her naked shoulder.
Retrograde Planets in Birth Chart: “Lady” by Kamal Rao

Retrograde planets in the natal chart usually indicate an evolutionary need to undo or redo something with regards to the archetypal symbolism of that planet. In this post, I will briefly* address the possible meaning(s) of each retrograde planet in the birth chart, regardless of all other possible factors which may modify these basic interpretations. Therefore, please keep in mind that these are only possibilities rather than certainties: Continue reading “Retrograde Planets in the Birth Chart”

From Pluto to the Sun: A Metaphoric Journey of the Soul (Pt. 2)

Saturn Station, Jupiter, Mars and Venus Stations: Painted lovers kissing each other, while a baby angel is kissing the foot of the male lover.
Palma il Giovane: “Venus and Mars” (1590)

[This is a continuation from the previous post]. Now in this fourth station, the soul has entered the Saturnian land of “time” and “mortality” (element of Earth). Number 4 also stands for solidity and stasis (as represented by the 4 sides of a square). Things feel to be heavy and slow in Saturn Station: Continue reading “From Pluto to the Sun: A Metaphoric Journey of the Soul (Pt. 2)”